How to Make a Room?

This is why you may want to make your own room in our Museum, and this is how to do it:


You might want to open a room here because you’ve looked around the Museum and felt there’s something missing here. It could be a project or just a text, something that you want to share with others. If you just want to share with us an existing project, but don’t want us to be part of it in any way or form, you may want to tell us about it on the page called Sisters project.

The museum keeps all of the rooms, even if they have been abandoned. We are not a corporation or foundation, so we don’t have to worry about efficiency or productivity. We have the luxury of being lazy and irresponsible, so as to care about every moment of our lives. So, there is no pressure on you to deliver anything. If you have an idea to share, thank you! If you become tired of it, just leave it alone. As you can see, our rooms are very different: some contain almost academic discussions and others exhibit Carnivals, others store art projects, and others contain scandals. 


If you want to open a Room in the Museum of Care, write to us. We’ll set it up and give you access, so you can take care of your room in the Museum of Care: post your events on our calendar and social media, and announce them on our mailing list. We’d love for you to find partners, co-authors and friends among us to help you take care of your room, but ultimately you’re the one who will be responsible for your room, otherwise, it’s going to be abundant. 

Actually, that’s okay, too, but I would guess you wanted it to be full of life: people, events, and new ideas. 

To take care of your room, the room curator can publish texts, pictures, and videos on the room’s page. It will make it easier for other members and visitors of the Museum of Care to understand what this room is about and how to join it. 

If your room does not have any collective events scheduled for the next 3 months, we will move it to the Archived room page. If your room is abandoned for more them 5 months, we will move it to Occupy room page.

What do you need: 

  1. Once you have access to the page of your room (how to work in WordPress and edit the page), you will be able to create events and add them to your calendar (how to add events to the calendar)
  2. By subscribing to our Mailing List, you can announce your events and engage in discussion.
  3. How we advise you to maintain your Room:  

– We advise putting all resources on the main page, so they don’t get lost in announcements that eventually get archived.

– We recommend the use of good quality photos or drawings—visuals are important

– If you want to publish your video on our channel, let us know, and we’ll help you 

-Link your page to other rooms in the Museum. It will help us get to know you and collaborate 

Good luck!