Reading group

We are reading and discussing David Graeber’s texts and other related material. Please do feel free to get in touch if you interested in presenting a particular text. All voices are welcome.

We are meeting every second Friday at 20-00 GTM

Next reading groups:

12 March, 2021 Cassie Thornton is with us! Facilitator for this session: Yash Lad.

19 March, 2021 150th anniversary of the Paris Commune: A party, a celebration and a day of memories.

26 March, 2021 Rabelais and the history of laughter’ (Chapter one in Michail Bachtin, Rabelais and his World) (available here). Facilitator(s) for this session: Simona.

2 April, 2021 Beyond the Monastic Self’ (available here). Facilitator(s) for this session: TJ

9 April, 2021 David Graeber What’s the Point If We Can’t Have Fun? Facilitator for this session: Elizabeth Travelslight, Nika Dubrovsky, Rain Forest.

16 April, 2021 – Bullshit Jobs: A Theory (Chapters 3-4, On spiritual violence)

Facilitator: Greg Yudin (Moscow School of Social and Economic Sciences)

Graeber’s work is part of a larger anthropological tradition that exposes the self-contradictory view of human motivation espoused by modern economics. However, his own original view of economic motivation has not been discussed. If the rational egoist of economists is a myth, what drives humans to work? And how is it possible at all to avoid labor violence (‘forcing to work’)? How does Graeber’s view relate to other approaches to politics of labor (such as Arendt or post-operaism)? What are the institutional settings encouraging humans to work towards a good life?

FUTURE PLANS AND IDEAS (all needs facilitators):

  • David Graeber against Michel Foucault: a fight club
  • David Graeber about Roy Bhaskar.
  • “Revolutionary Prospects and Critical Realism.”
  • From Managerial Feudalism to the Revolt of the Caring Classes
  • The Divine Artificial Intelligence “Anarchy–In a Manner of Speaking – Conversations with Mehdi Belhaj Kacem, Nika Dubrovsky, and Assia Turquier–Zauberman ”
  • ‘Another Art World, Part III: Policing and Symbolic Order’ with Nika Dubrovsky (available here).
  • “The Meaning of Money.”

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