Archived Rooms

The Museum of Care does not delete Rooms but, when Rooms are no longer in use, they appear as Archived Rooms. We honor the right of curators/authors to decide the future of their Rooms. However, if you are the curator of a Dusty Old Room and would like someone to take care of your Room, then please contact us via, and we will make it available.

The virtues of Diogenes

A three-part series exploring the societal implications of interpersonal relations through the character of Diogenes and a merry band of legends.


A presentation of the latest issues of the [Translit] journal.

Conservation Lab

How might a reconfigured conservation cross pollinate and inform experimental and collaborative practices dedicated to nurturing and maintaining alternative material/social relations? A museum without objects!


‘Existing history is not just deeply flawed and Eurocentric, it's also unnecessarily tedious and boring’. PIRATE ENLIGHTENMENT, David Graeber

The Gifts Room

Nika posted about David's funny arrangements of things, I replied that I have on my desk 3 Polish fish-shaped ceramic dishes that were to be a gift for him. Nika suggested a new room, “presents for David”.

Education and (anti)Institutions

this room is dedicated to discuss the status of education, its relation to institutions, and their response to different types of pressures.

How to make decisions: Collective Documentary

Who makes decisions? What is consensus? What is direct democracy? And what can be brought to general discussion and what should remain private? Where is the line between a large collective and small groups of friends, circles, or private people?