Visual Assembly

curated by Nika Dubrovsky

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Visual Assembly is a democratic form of creative collaboration – used to re-imagine new ways to run and organize our social systems.

It is using artistic tools, but this is not only an art project. Mainly it is about a public debate on how to rearrange our social spaces (the Health Care system, Education and so on).

We hope that the tools, developed by the people working with the Visual Assembly project will be used by activists, artists, work collectives and just people – all of us, to rethink how we relate to each other, how we live, study and work.

Visual Assembly was born at the time of the Covid-19 in London as a result of a dialog between David Graeber and Nika Dubrovsky. David died in Venice in September 2020, but I plan to continue this project and make it the celebration of his life on September 22 2021.

Here you can read more about past and future Visual Assemblies.

Please, join us!