About Museum of Care

“We produce a cup only once, but we wash and dry it a thousand times.”

David Graeber

Purpose & Values

What The Museum of Care IS

  • An idea
  • An art project
  • A collection of spaces to meet
  • A place to hide
  • A place that you can make your own by copying everything and taking it with you 
  • A place to argue, and to be friends
  • A mailing list, a collection of links, a reading group or movie club.

Mostly it is the people themselves. Actually, there is nothing in it except the people.

What The Museum of Care IS NOT

  • A collection of goods and treasures that may be stolen and sold
  • A fundraising machine
  • A cemetery
  • A job centre
  • A political party
  • A lobbyist group

It is anti-anti

  • Anti-neoliberals fundamentally, and specifically: against property as a right to prohibit people from doing what they want to do
  • Anti-representative democracy fundamentally, and specifically: representing other people’s interests in the absence of those being represented
  • Anti-authoritarian fundamentally, and specifically: long meetings of people who are in the business of making decisions for other people
  • Anti-wall, anti-barriers, anti-borders fundamentally, and specifically: instructions for those who don’t want to follow them

It is pro-pro

  • Pro freedom fundamentally, and specifically: everyone has the right to leave and to do whatever they want to do
  • Pro laughter and silliness fundamentally, and specifically: for those who come to us to procrastinate, to idle, to be silent and to watch
  • Pro privacy fundamentally, and specifically: for everyone’s right to be themselves, to not share what they don’t want to, and to not been forced to do what they don’t want to do
  • Pro risk fundamentally, and specifically: for everyone’s right to strive for the impossible, for the unexpected
  • Pro scandal fundamentally, and specifically: for the right to quarrel, to argue and reach for truth


The Museum of Care, as an open-source project, would be happy to see many versions of Museums of Care and Caring spread around the world.

We should try it out, discuss it and develop it.

That’s why we made this Museum.

If you don’t feel comfortable with our Museum for (any) reason, you can create your Museum of Care.

We will be happy if you copy, translate, rewrite, develop texts and images of any documentation of the principle idea related to the Museum of Care.

We will ask you, in the spirit of open-source, acknowledge the authors and linked it to our website.

We will find it exploitative and unfair if you copy, modify and distribute Museum of Care projects. They belong to their authors. However, you are welcome to contact the authors of the projects and discuss the use of their projects with them. The Museum of Care has no rights or authority over the projects developed in the Museum of Care.

The idea of the Museum of Care is a joint project by David Graeber and Nika Dubrovsky. To use any materials associated with the life or work of these people please write to estate@davidgraeber.org or dubrovsky@gmail.com.