David Graeber’s Tarot cards.

Started by Charlie Waterhouse, Suzanne Stallard, Clive Russell and Nika Dubrovsky

The room is looking for the photographer and the actors to perform in the photoshoots.

I keep thinking about a Tarot card project: a publication of Tarot Cards to coincide with the opening of the David Graeber Institute.

This project turns out to be at the intersection of many of the topics I’m pondering right now:

What is Magic? The magic of bureaucracy, the magic of technology, the magic of mass media (that magically controls all of us).

Not even knowing it, we practice daily rituals that recreate the social relations that enable the rules by which we live.

Perhaps the answer to the question of liberation lies in the (almost magical) reprogramming of the rituals of our daily life.

One should remember that the “magical” attitude to the world differs from the “scientific” one first of all by the fact that a “magical attitude” toward the world assumes that the world’s laws are not fixed and one can influence them, while the “scientific” one assumes that there are  objective laws which cannot be broken, remain independent of the observer, and can never be changed.