Occupy Room

Is there a room you really want to help? 

It might be a room about your specialist subject, or it may be doing something you are passionate about. If it’s a reading room where you can join a zoom just join the zoom but for anything else follow this simple guide. 

I’m interested and passionate about a Room

In the first instance contact the curator of the Room and tell them how you can help. If there’s no contact details for the room contact us and we’ll do our best to put you in touch.

If it’s a Room in the Archive section of the Museum of Care tell us about what you want to do with the Room. We’ll contact the current curator and ask if you can breathe new life into the project. There is a duty of care when you take over a room, you must look after its past by not removing any of the Rooms old articles.

Rooms that are ready to occupy are listed below.

Books and Stories

Curator: Nika Dubrovsky. Room is looking for collaboration. “The Universe (that some call the Library) is composed of an undefined, maybe infinite number of hexagonal galleries.” Jorge Luis Borges This room is a meeting room for people who would like to share books they’ve read.You can suggest meeting topics and if there are more than […]

What is anthropology?

This room was set up to host discussions of what anthropology is and how it changed over time, to publish David’s lectures, and to have discussions and panels.  We all know that David Graeber was very critical of contemporary academia. David and I have been talking about how if his book “Dawn of everything” turned […]

Museum of Care as the Ministry of Defense

curator: Nika Dubrovsky, the room is open for copying and suggestions to collaborate. It seemed to be impudent and disgusting that the worst bloody institutions worldwide are called Defense Ministries for some reason.  None of them defended anyone but planned and executed endless attacks and destruction. In my Soviet childhood, we used to call the […]