Housekeeping Committee

Here are the people who take care of the Museum of Care.

We keep our site, social media groups and our mailing list running, help guest curators and curators of new rooms/projects, when they need our help.

We organize the annual #Carnival4David.

Steve Bachelor is an historian, amateur chicken farmer, and defiant believer that other worlds are possible. He enjoys making and sharing goat-milk yogurt and helping people discover their innate talent to break bricks with dialectics. His favorite expression is “Fuck Boomers,” and he’s usually the first at any party to bust out the Electric Slide. As a housekeeper Steve provides tips for reading group, facilitation at assemblies, and other useful skills, as they be needed.
Nika Dubrovsky is an artist (whatever that means these days). She also loves to read, collect, and write adult books for kids and children’s books for adults. She dreams of divine spirulina, which even a lazy city dweller can grow.
Nika is the door opener at zoom for the Assemblies. She is a member of the curatorial team of several Rooms, such as Fight Club, Decision Making Documentary, Visual Assembly, and others.

Clive Russell is a graphic designer based in Hackney and one half of This Ain’t Rock’n’Roll. Their work inspires change, most famously in the look and feel of Extinction Rebellion and the Brixton Pound. This Ain’t Rock’n’Roll’s work has been exhibited and collected by the V&A, MOMA, British Museum amongst others. Clive helps out with odd logo here and there and with project advice.

Here is Agenda and Notes from some of the previous meetings.

Our first guest curator project

Simona Ferlini is a political philosopher and public servant of the health care system, a mother and a cook, a real Italian and a real friend. Among other duties, she is an active member of the Reading Group and the Documentary ‘Decision Making.’ She will take care of cooking and nurturing, of room temperature, and of gossiping.