Kampfsportgala in den Disziplinen Muay Thai, K1 und Boxen mit anschließender Aftershowparty10.09.22 in Berlin, SO36 Samstag 10.09.22Einlass: 13:00, Beginn: 14:00SO36, Oranienstraße 190, 10999 Berlin TICKETS ZU UNITED FOR CAMP MEXMÛRBERLIN Tickets gibt es im CoreTex Shop Freind (Jan Raske) send to Museum of Care this invitation and we are gladly share it with our friends. The more good Fight […]

FIGHT CLUB: David Graeber Vs Thomas Hobbes / Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Performance with Nika Dubrovsky, Jamie Kelsey-Fry, Savitri D. and Jacques Servin Before the honorable public, David Graeber confronts Thomas Hobbes and Jean-Jacques Rousseau to resolve one of the most important questions of our time: Why is our society built around the ideas of Hobbes and Rousseau, even though most people do not know who these […]

Preparation for the Apt Art opening in October

Planning a home gallery in a London apartment and installing a hanging system with Michael Collins.I am planning to make a new exhibition every 3 to 6 months.First exhibition: photos, posters, costumes and video art – Ocean and Extinction Rebellion – my dear comrades.and because Climate Rebellion is the most important thing going on right […]

In a conversation with Ade Ahmad Suja’i from Jatiwangi Art Factory

Here is our first dialog. Lets us know what do you think! N&P Tell us about yourself, where do you live?  Jai I’m Ahmad Sujai from Jatiwangi Art Factory, a project started in 2005. I’m the director of JaF from the 2021 till 2022 period. I live in Majalengka City. N&P So it’s already almost […]

Charles Esche about Documenta 15

This text was originally published in Facebook of Charles Esche on 7th of August 2022. “I have had the privilege to be at documenta fifteen a couple of times now and it continues to fascinate, challenge and inspire. For me, one important aspect is the lack of utopian or messianic symbols or gestures in the […]

Discussion of Walter Benjamin’s “Critique of Violence”

Walter Benjamin’s “Critique of Violence” is a seminal text that in just a few steps dismantles the very idea that any form of legitimate violence can exist, or that means can be separated from ends so that a just end can make a wrong means just.  For that alone, this would be a great text, […]

Follow-up on the previous Assembly “What is War?” 

Dear friends and followers of the Farocki/Graeber project,I am happy to invite you to our 4th Assembly. This time, the main theme of the Assembly will be “War – Labor – Slavery”.When: April 27, 2022 08:00 PM London / 09:00 PM Berlin Preliminary program and materials:Part 1Follow-up on the previous Assembly “What is War?” (10-15 […]

Harun Farocki & David Graeber: what is war.

Works on War. March 30th, 2022. In light of the events developing in Ukraine the forthcoming assembly will be dedicated to the works that both HF and DG wrote, produced or sketched on the subject of war. David Graeber on the War. One of the unpublished notes on the war: Main points: non-segmented forager societies […]

What is War?

This is a 3d Assembly of Harun Farocki/David Graeber’s project. This time we are going to talk about war. Antje Ehmann hosted private dinner with participation of Boris Buden and many friends to continue the discussion. We will keep this video private for the time being, but probably will publish it sometimes in the future.