Call for applications!

26 June, 2023 For almost two years now, the Museum of Care has been organising a programme of reading groups, seminars, assemblies and even karaoke, at the frenetic pace of two or sometimes four events a month. Some of these events have been a great success (see, for example, this discussion with Prof. Michael Hudson […]

Playgrounds collection

We are starting to collect pictures of playgrounds around the world. Please help us to update it. Same of the picts I collected for my book “Cities…made differently” and happy to share:

Preparation for the war exhibition

I received a print run of the posters for The Wars of the Past and the Wars of the Future exhibition with quotes from W. Churchill, E. V. Debs, C. Zetkin, K. Liebknecht, H. G. Wells, and many others. Here’s what they look like. We invite you to download the posters you find interesting from […]


Museum of Care and the David Graeber Institute cordially invite you to the opening of a new season that will include an exhibition, movie screening, carnival, and party. Join us on September 16, 2023, for assembling together, co-creation, caring for each other, and food sharing. DGI Cinema launch DGI Cinema is a project dedicated to […]

The Wars of the Past and the Wars of the Future

Project by Nika Dubrovsky with participation by Artem Kirpechenok, Alexander Uttu, Alexey Sakhnin, Ryan Healey, Simona Ferlini, Frank Ingster, James Schainder, Laura Alvares, and many more ‘big things are seen from a distance.’” a common proverb Wars of the Past and Wars of the Future evolved as an exploration of the origins of wars, with […]

War Fanzine

We begin to gather material for a fanzine about the wars of the past and the future and invite you to submit your texts. Following our tradition, we will print the selected texts and assemble 30 unique fanzines from them. Some of these fanzines will go to the David Graeber Institute collection, while others will […]


Today is scheduled MASTODON ASSEMBLY Please, come! This is probably the most important collective project since the beginning of the Museum of Care. When the David Graeber Institute set up the server, there was a real exodus of users from Twitter. The new owner, Elon Mask, radically and senselessly has been changing the rules. Now […]