People of Museum of Care

This article is a part of the room: Museum of Care as a Project

The Museum of Care is the people and the social connections between them, not the objects or projects they produce. Anyone can open a room in the Museum of Care and become its caretaker or curator. We are very grateful if you decide to do so if you want to share something with our community or people worldwide. As much as we can, we are willing to help you.

The Housekeeping Committee can help you create your own room at the Museum of Care, but you are the one who will take care of it. Care entails Freedom, otherwise, Care imprisons those for whom it purports to care. Freedom implies responsibility. We’d love for you to be part of our community: to be our friend, debater, collaborator, Carnival participant, co-author, and co-reader. But we don’t know you yet. We don’t know your intentions and practices, so we suggest getting a room and inviting us to visit, as well as coming to visit us at one of our Reading Groups or Exhibitions. We are not a family, a political party, or a social movement. We are a Museum with many rooms and projects, and you are sure to find people here who will be good neighbors to you and perhaps even those who will become your affinity group.

We once had guest curators for the entire Museum. Now the Museum doesn’t have curatorial groups, but there are many Rooms to wander through and sign up for different Reading groups and events. Take a look at our Calendar and sign up for our mailing list by sending an email to