“We need to see the value in the sort of labor we would only really want humans to do.” David Graeber

The Museum of Care is your Museum: it was created by the people for the people. The main thing in the Museum are the curators and their rooms. If you want to open your own room, write to us. We will set it up and gave you an access to support it. We will put events in your room on our calendar and social media, and you can announce it on our mailing list.

For a whole year, and sometimes much longer, we have been working on different tools that we try to describe and share with anyone who would like to join us at the Museum of Care or wants to use them on their own. Each tool has an author or a group of authors. If you using it, please, mention their names, as well as the name of the Museum of Care. By “tools” we mean a description of a framework of a project. It could be used by anyone to create their own versions of it. Similar to a white paper that accompanies software development, we try to describe each project so that its structure is understandable of all. This is important step to make the Museum of Care a place of collaboration between different people, as opposed to a showcase of trademarks or a celebrity parade.

Each tool/project has an author or group of authors. If you use it, please include reference to the author and to the Museum of Care.