Purpose & Values

This article is a part of the room: Museum of Care as a Project

What The Museum of Care IS

  • An idea
  • An art project
  • A collection of spaces to meet
  • A place to hide
  • A place that you can make your own by copying everything and taking it with you 
  • A place to argue, and to be friends
  • A mailing list, a collection of links, a reading group or movie club.

Mostly it is the people themselves. Actually, there is nothing in it except the people.

What The Museum of Care IS NOT

  • A collection of goods and treasures that may be stolen and sold
  • A fundraising machine
  • A cemetery
  • A job centre
  • A political party
  • A lobbyist group

It is anti-anti

  • Anti-neoliberals fundamentally, and specifically: against property as a right to prohibit people from doing what they want to do
  • Anti-representative democracy fundamentally, and specifically: representing other people’s interests in the absence of those being represented
  • Anti-authoritarian fundamentally, and specifically: long meetings of people who are in the business of making decisions for other people
  • Anti-wall, anti-barriers, anti-borders fundamentally, and specifically: instructions for those who don’t want to follow them

It is pro-pro

  • Pro freedom fundamentally, and specifically: everyone has the right to leave and to do whatever they want to do
  • Pro laughter and silliness fundamentally, and specifically: for those who come to us to procrastinate, to idle, to be silent and to watch
  • Pro privacy fundamentally, and specifically: for everyone’s right to be themselves, to not share what they don’t want to, and to not been forced to do what they don’t want to do
  • Pro risk fundamentally, and specifically: for everyone’s right to strive for the impossible, for the unexpected
  • Pro scandal fundamentally, and specifically: for the right to quarrel, to argue and reach for truth