‘What Kinship Is’, by Marshall Sahlins

10 March, 2022 20:00 (London time)

Our next reading group on Thursday 10th March 2022 at 8pm (London time) will be a discussion of Marshall Sahlins’s articles on ‘What Kinship Is’.

Ellen Judd, who has kindly agreed to help facilitate the group, wrote the following introduction:

In response to the interest in our group of exploring Marshall Sahlins’ work further, I am suggesting that we look at some of his later work—on the mutuality of being. This shows a deep connection with David Graeber’s work and with long lines of thought on mutuality in the anarchist tradition.  It is presented as a refiguring of the study of kinship, a central field in anthropology, and I am confident that all in this group will recognize the connections and points at which this resonates with David Graeber’s work. I am hopeful that this will give us an opportunity to explore how related threads appear in the earlier work of both David Graeber and Marshall Sahlins. The attention of these articles to preceding thought in anthropology may resonate with the interest and expertise in philosophy of members of our group.

Suggested readings, two parts, are available here and there.

‘This, then, is what I take a ‘kinship system’ to be:  a manifold of intersubjective participations, founded on mutualities of being.’

Video of the event below:

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