Seminars of Care, Part 2

24 February, 2024 18:00 (London time)

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Elke Krasny and Nika Dubrovksy will continue Seminars of Care in February 2024. 

Following the first session of Seminars of Care on November 19, The David Graeber Institute will continue the series with the second session on February 24 at 18:00 (London time).

The meeting will explore Marxist feminists’ analyses of caring labor and David Graeber’s proposal to integrate it all into a new form of labor theory of value together with Silvia Federici, renowned scholar, teacher, and feminist activist. Federici’s most famous book, Caliban and the Witch, has been translated in more than 20 foreign languages, and reconstructs the history of capitalism, highlighting the continuity between the capitalist subjugation of women, the slave trade, and the colonisation of the Americas.

Elke Krasny is a curator, cultural theorist, urban researcher, and writer.
Nika Dubrovsky is an artist and one of the founders of the David Graeber Institute.

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