Cassie Thornton “Hologram.”

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Reading group/Assembly 12-03-2021

We’re excited to have artist and activist Cassie Thornton talk to us about Hologram, “a feminist social health-care project that aims to provide accountability, attention and solidarity as a source of long term care.” You can read more about Hologram on her website (5 min read), or this 40-minute talk she gave last May as the world entered lockdown.Cassie will talk about Hologram, but we’d also like to keep the assembly interactive. So, please feel free to go through the article and video, and ask her any questions about Hologram, how it works, and how you could apply it in your own life & networks. In fact, some of us are thinking of starting our own Holograms as a Museum of Care room, so stay tuned for more on this topic.