Steven Bachelor

Steven Bachelor is an ethnographer, amateur chicken farmer, and student of the language of animals and how animals keep house. Steve got his start in housekeeping in his early teens, when he began sweeping floors at Mr. Bufu’s, a punk rock club in Southern California that played host to the Dead Kennedys, the Circle Jerks, Social Distortion, and Black Flag, among others. In his late teens, Steve joined a crew of stealth custodians who cleaned up after carnivals seasonally held in the high desert of the Sierra Nevada. In his twenties, Steve rotated between housekeeping responsibilities in Mexico and the East Coast of the United States. Today he spends his time keeping house for a revolving cast of residents at The Happy Ending Salon and Squat, located in that space between poetic expression and outright fraud, a place where care and freedom reign supreme. As a Museum of Care housekeeper, Steve provides tips for reading groups, facilitation at assemblies, and other useful skills, as needed.