Paola Pietronave and Nika Dubrovsky in conversations with artists at Documenta 15 Kassel Germany, one of the world’s major exhibitions

At Documenta 15, the world’s largest exhibition, held in the German city of Kassel, an art collective from Indonesia – ruangrupa is showing how cultural production might evolve in a new way. 

They have invited 1,500 artists, among whom are almost no Western artists or celebrities, but those who almost all work in art collectives. 

The exhibition shows different, often unexpected lifestyles brought from all over the world and constantly engages the audience. 

There are archives of Archives des luttes des femmes en Algérie, tales of African and Asian folk storytellers, and numerous workshops on how to make furniture and food, how to do proper soil care and forest conservation. 

Large-scale spaces are given over to public assemblies. The line between folk art, high culture, political art, and everyday production is blurred. 

We will publish here dialogues with participants of the exhibition, opinions of commentators and critics.
In the spirit of the exhibition we will try to find out how cultural and social interaction takes place and what new perspectives this event opens up for all of us.