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A presentation of the latest issues of the [Translit] journal.

Founded in 2005, [Translit] is an independent small press publishing and a literary and theoretical journal presenting a community of artists, poets, philosophers and humanities scholars. By publishing poems, criticism, theoretical essays, and graphics, the Journal’s editorial board seeks to thematize various fields of confrontation in modern literary theory and literary process, addressing broad artistic, academic and activist contexts. In 2010, in cooperation with the Free Marxist publishing house, the Journal started to publish a poetry book series *kraft, and in 2014 — a theoretical book series *démarche. Since 2009 the editorial board of the Journal has been organizing an open-air Poetry Festival in Saint-Petersburg.

In their room, [Translit] will attempt to contextualise the state of Russian-speaking authors after Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and the rise of fascism within Russia itself.