Seminars of Care

Curated by Nika Dubrovsky

Discussing care and caring practices.

The idea of Seminars of Care originates in a reading group devoted to the themes of care and caring, set up by David Graeber and several LSE students in 2020. The aim of this group was to create a space for discussion and reflection on work that was then (and still is) little integrated into the classic corpus of anthropological teaching. Between February and May 2020, around ten people met in the Seligman Library (now the Old Anthropology Library) to discuss, for two hours, works at the crossroads of radical feminism and the anthropology of care.

Museum of Care and David Graeber Institute follow in the steps of this reading group, resuming it in a new format of the Seminars of Care which are intended to be significantly different in content (it is multidisciplinary, integrating contributions from anthropology, psychology, sociology, architecture, philosophy and the arts) and form (it is decentralized, made up of relatively autonomous local sub-groups spread around the world).

The two previous Seminars of Care took place on November 19th, 2023 and February 24th, 2024 with Elke Krasny and Silvia Federici respectively. The next Seminar of Care, scheduled for June 25th, 2024, led and facilitated by Nika Dubrovsky and James Schneider, will be focused on the issues of contemporary migration and neo-colonialism, and Silvia Federici will be joining us again as a special guest.

Here is a Reading List for Seminar of Care.

Watch the extracts from the past Seminars of Care below.