John Phillips, co-curator of 50 Years of Protest Posters in the UK

The exhibition “50 Years of Protest Posters in the UK“, timed with the opening of the David Graeber Institute, has ended. Organized by the Museum of Care and curated by Clive Russell and John Phillips, it included posters and banners from 1975 to the present day.

While our video project with anti-war speeches was suspended, we decided that we would have an exhibition project at the APTART Museum of Care called “War and Peace”. The exhibition will open on 30 June. We are discussing the composition of the participants.

Other ideas of APTART exhibition are here:

Motherhood – freedom and care.

David Greaber’s mom – Ruth Rubinstein, had been a garment worker, and played the lead role in the 1930s musical comedy revue Pins & Needles, staged by the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union.

War and Peace.

Playgrounds – the history of public art projects

In the endless amount of time I’ve spent on playgrounds while my kids have been playing, made up a lot of ideas for my own playgrounds, and also become a fan as well as a hater of the many that exist in various countries. that I have visited.
The playground in an amazing way gathers the hopes and despair of today’s society, perhaps much more than any other public art project because it needs fewer resources to build and it immedially accessible to the public.
In ’90s Russia, my little daughter played in a playground covered with ads for cheap yogurts; in New York in the 2000s, my son played in a playground made mostly out of security specs; later, in Berlin, he was steering a pirate ship in a beautiful playground built in a Turkish neighborhood by enthusiasts who seemed to have escaped all limitations and construction codes.
I also have my own dreams, sketches and descriptions of playgrounds and am looking forward to doing an APTART exhibition on perhaps the most important public art of our time.