Call for the first Visual Assembly on 24th of June

This article is a part of the room: Visual Assembly, Education and (anti)Institutions

The first Assembly in collaboration with the Museum of Care is scheduled to take place on Thursday 24th of June. It will be an informal meeting and an opportunity to meet with people and realities from different geopolitical contexts, all of which are addressing similar urgencies and share an interest in alternative pedagogies, new forms of knowledge production, self-education, giving a voice to communities, being together. By challenging the accepted norms, conventions, codes and languages of capitalism through their practices, the participants will share their experiences, so that new dimensions and situations of sharing and mutual care could emerge.

We would like to collect testimonials directly from those who have imagined and already started to put in action such experiences.

The meeting will consist of a number of brief interventions, of approximately 5/10 minutes each, in which participants will present their practices, followed by a free discussion, where listeners will be invited to participate.

English language will be used as a main communication tool, but each guest is free to choose the language they feel the most comfortable to speak in. In case of non English speakers, the CSD will facilitate translation live. If necessary, you can also accompany the speech with images or slides.

We will also take care of a written report which we will upload to our page on the Museum of Care website after the Assembly.

Pre registration is required: so please register your free “tickets” on eventbrite:

If you don’t feel like registering through eventbrite, please tell us: anonymous participants will not be admitted.

Below the program of the event, subject to further changes:

9:00 PM presentation “Visual Assembly” with Nika Dubrovsky and Massimiliano Mollona

9:15 PM introduction by CSD – Critical Studies Department with Zasha Colah, Andris Brinkmanis and Archive Milano

9:25 PM Guest Interventions:

1 – Video by Chto Delat? group

2 – Museus Para Todos

3 – Lac o Le Mon + Lu Cafausu

4 – Aria Spinelli + Maria Pecchioli (Radical Intention)

5 – Lanchonete Lanchonete

6 – Ma Yongfeng

7 – Alessandro Rolandi

8 – Campo Base

9 – Gilson Plano

10 – Poly Marchantia

11 – Salvatore Falci

12 – Paolo Caffoni e Beto Shwafaty

Q&A and free discussion

Best wishes,