Collective Graffiti

Imagine a large group of older women, armed with graffiti sprays, wearing masks and gloves, united to create street art.

Together they will create their own version of the famous ’60s graffiti, “Don’t Panic – Organise!”

Founded by the yes women group (by the late David Graeber and Nika Dubrovsky,) the graffiti references both the iconographic work of British graffiti artist Banksy – a young protester throwing flowers – and the legendary anti-authoritarian graffiti: people united to chase out authority, celebrating the power of solidarity.

The duration of the performance is 2 hours.

Our collective graffiti should bring our indignation and protest to the German and European authorities and to the public. We do not agree with the status quo!

There were almost a million of these women when Germany was united. Now, there are a few hundred thousand of them left. But they do have a lot to tell us. Their protest is not just about them. It’s about us.

What are the most valued in our society? Are those who cared for us worthy of care in their old age? Do we want to punish women for divorce?
Is divorce aсtually a crime that requires punishment?