How to Make Your Own Visual Assembly

This article is a part of the room: Visual Assembly

You can use the idea of this room as a model for creating your own room, objects, or situations.

So, to create a Visual Assembly, you need:


To help people practice situations in which they can decide how to organize their social spaces.  Surprisingly, very few people today have such skills. 


Let’s develop settings in which everyone—children and adults, skilled public speakers, migrants, the most socially marginalized and silenced—can have a say in how we live together.

What is needed for a Visual Assembly?

  1. A THEME that all participants care about.
  2. A place where you can have your Visual Assembly. From a friend’s courtyard to a central square of your city (depends on what you can get).
  3. A set of stencils, a space where a group of people can work together. Yes! It’s about not only talking, but also writing and drawing.
  4. Choose facilitators and begin discussing the design of a particular public space that you would like to improve and/or build. From schools and hospitals to parks or entire cities.