FIGHT CLUB: David Graeber vs Thomas Hobbes / Jean-Jacques Rousseau

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Performance with Nika Dubrovsky, Jamie Kelsey-Fry, Savitri D. and Jacques Servin

Before the honorable public, David Graeber confronts Thomas Hobbes and Jean-Jacques Rousseau to resolve one of the most important questions of our time: Why is our society built around the ideas of Hobbes and Rousseau, even though most people do not know who these people are? What might happen if the public took a closer look at their ideas? Following the tradition of Joseph Beuys, Bertolt Brecht and Dada, Fight Club dives into a theatrical experiment, parodying media debates to prepare the space for the People’s Assembly – an open discussion based on the book The Dawn of Everything written by David Graeber and co-authored with David Wengrow.

The Fight Club was founded by David Graeber’s partner, Nika Dubrovsky. It has already hosted debates with Michael Hudson, Thomas Piketty, Pavlina Tcherneva, Astra Tylor and more.

Project by Nika Dubrovsky
Facilitators of the People’s Assembly: Jamie Kelsey-Fry and Savitri D.
Voice of Thomas Hobbes: Jamie Kelsey-Fry
Voice of Jean-Jacques Rousseau: Savitri D.
Voice of David Graeber: Jacques Servin
Actors: Tiago Fonseca, Sari Mäkelä, Juan Migama
Design: Clive Russell
Set design: Julia Kaschlinski
Voice direction: Emma Woodvine
Screenwriting, editing and consultation: Steven Bachler, Vadim Maksimov, Yoshua Simon, Simone Ferlini, Vassily Pigounides