AptArt around the World: Celebrating the launch of the David Graeber Institute.

29 October, 2022 19:00 (London time)

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At 19:00hrs (London time), October 29, 2022, the David Graeber Institute opened with its inaugural Apartment Art Exhibition APT / ART – CLIMATE EMERGENCY at 52 Boundary Rd, London NW8 0HJ (Rowley Way) simultaneously with parallel exhibitions taking place all over the world.

The David Graeber Institute opens two years after the death of David Graeber, anthropologist, activist, and author of several best-selling books — 5000 Years of Debt, Bullshit Jobs, and The Dawn of Everything.  His forthcoming book Pirate Enlightenment will be published in January in numerous languages including editions by Penguin and FSG. 

David left a vast archive of unpublished material. The David Graeber Institute continues his work on two major projects: 

  • the elucidation and publication of the archive, and 
  • the Brain Trust, a rolling convention of visionary thinkers assembled by David before he died.

The iconic Rowley Way Housing Estate was conceived by Neave Brown in the late ’60s with the idea that people could live happily together. This harmonious social and architectural experiment embodies ideals we must cultivate in order to overcome climate and social emergency. 

Community members, neighbors, friends, artists, and activists led by Reverend Billy and members of The Church of Stop Shopping together with the Red Rebel Brigade will walk along the famous red-brick Rowley Way road in a merry procession from Abbey Road to the TRA community building. 

Like the Museum of Care, these rooms will constitute a network of open spaces where anyone can curate their own exhibition.  AptArt was a tradition born in the Soviet Union, when public cultural life was strictly regulated by the state. People would open their apartments for public events, exhibitions and concerts. Apt Art transformed private apartment spaces into public spaces where socially important issues are debated.

The APT / ART – CLIMATE EMERGENCY exhibition, prepared in collaboration with the Museum of Care and the Museum of Unrest, will be open for viewing. Anyone can join us on zoom and show their APT / ART – CLIMATE EMERGENCY  exhibitions. People can make their own posters or Download and print from a collection of Poster Art from Extinction Rebellion, Ocean Rebellion and Museum of Unrest Archives.

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