Masks and Updates 2023

This article is a part of the room: Carnival4David

At our Assembly of Tools of Care, we hope to think together about:

  • How our masks can be used for our zooms.
    Wouldn’t it be great to have participants wearing masks in the Zoom!
  • Can we have Carnivals in Zoom and what might they look like?
  • Can we make carnivalesque an everyday practice?
  • How can we have reading groups whose members wear masks?

This room also plans to collect invented stories of identities. All identities are human-made, so let’s treat them with creative enthusiasm. We will talk about this during one of the panel “Pirate Enlightenment” dedicated to David Graeber’s book. This panel will be about “Sotrytelling” during the Biennials in Timisoire Romania.

We will be showing our collection – stories and masks at the regular APTART exhibitions.

In September 2023, we’re opening a new season of the Museum of Care and David Graeber Institute with a Pirate Party.

If you want to join us, you can:

  • offer us your favorite mask or/and story, character
  • Download our masks and have your own exhibition
  • Come up with new ways to participate in this project

Here is an attempt to organise an information about all our carnivals, but we are in preparation to the new one.

At 16th of September at 17-00 at Rowley Way NW08SF London, UK

Thank you all for joining us on Saturday for Carnival.
It was wonderful. Slowly, we are becoming masters of Carnivals. Each time we do them easier and less stressful. Some people leave, but new people come along.
It was such a good idea to do a Carnival in a real community. How lucky we are to find Rowley Way – a realized utopia!

Rev Billy sent us a video message!