What is anthropology?

This room was set up to host discussions of what anthropology is and how it changed over the time, to publish David’s lectures, to have discussions and panels.
We all know that David Graeber was very critical of contemporary academia. David and I have been talking about how if his book “Dawn of everything” turned out to be a commercially successful, he could leave Academy and set up a real Free University.
I would like to think that this modest project: a room in the Museum of Care, could gradually grow into an important educational space.
But while this is all the future plans, in the meantime, I would like to publish a letter I received recently:

“I am a fan of David Graeber’s work and am considering doing my Masters or PhD in Anthropology to study Debt/Money/Banking but want to do David Graeber style of anthropology. I am very new to the discipline as I studied Economics at University and am wondering if anyone here may have resources for possible places to study or similarly Imaginative professors of Anthropology/Economics as David?

Grateful to see all the love you all put into these projects, thank you for sharing so much.

Warm regards,

I thought it would be interesting to start collecting responses and questions from students and professors who found themself in the same position as the author of this letter: trying to figure out:
Where to study anthropology?
How do you study anthropology?
With whom to study anthropology?
and, actually: what is anthropology and why is it important at all?
I had have the same questions many years ago, when I met David in New York in 2006. Back then, I created the project, called Anthropology for kids.
Maybe this room, would grow to the simulare project for adults?