Anthropology for teens/What is education?

With the support of the Museum of Care, the David Graeber Institute, and the SSD of the University of Milan, we are starting a series of lectures and workshops dedicated to education.

Today’s schooling system tends to treat children and young people as mere customers. Since the early age, technical accumulation of knowledge, development of a single capacity and talent, education towards an idea, promotes individualism, aggressive independence and competitiveness and merely reestablishes the continuity and redistribution of social roles and functions, yet it deprives us of the fullness of integrated life and action.

Can we still imagine an alternative system of education? If so where one should look for it? What it should it look like? And what should be its contents?

These series of discussions, open lectures, Fight Club (debates including voting for the winner), and assemblies – discussions by the participants with invited guests and moderators will try to address anew these complex anthropological and sociological quostion and will try to establish a dialogue around crucial questions such as:

What is education?

The project is prepared in collaboration with CSD (Critical Studies Department), the David Graeber Institute, the Museum of Care and Harun Farocki Institut. Guest speakers/facilitators will include Michael Hudson a

  • will attempt to re-examine the question “What is education?” in all its anthropological complexity.
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