How to Make Your Own Collective Graffiti

This article is a part of the room: Collective Graffiti

You can use the idea of this room as a model for creating your own room, objects, or situations.

So, to create a Collective Graffiti, start by considering the following:

Why would you do it? 

It’s graffiti that brings people together around a collective project. It gives people a shared goal, a common cause, or a reason for collective protest.


If you have a group of participants and a common cause, there are two things you need to come up with: a shared slogan that resonates, and a recognizable image.

You need to find a place for graffiti. If you want to make it official, you have to get permission from the local authorities.

What do you need?

  1. A THEME that you care about.
  2. Pre-drawn and cut-out STENCILS that include the slogans and visuals that you want to communicate to your audiences.

    Remember: we’re not talking here about the stellar project of an artist-hero, but about graffiti that a group of people can do. Come up with a way to include repeated parts in your graffiti, so that the same stencil would be used by a whole group, not just by one unique person.

    Don’t forget to get spray cans, masks, and gloves.
  3. PUBLIC SPACE: whatever is available, but we wish you very good spirits and adrenaline (especially if you’ll be doing illegal graffiti).
  4. Consider creating a ROOM in the Museum of Care to share your story.