Common Waters

Waters are a commons. They are also a common matter and topic, widely and variously discussed in different fields and with different perspectives, aims and methodologies. This room is a space for their many forms, declinations and aspects. Waters have been widely studied, explored, exploited and investigated in what we might envision as an archipelagic […]

Room of Idleness

Curator: Nika Dubrovsky. Room is looking for the co/curators, speakers and partners to b Idlers of all nations – unite! “Every mode of life has its conveniencies. The Idler, who habituates himself to be satisfied with what he can most easily obtain, not only escapes labours which are often fruitless, but sometimes succeeds better than […]

David Graeber’s Tarot cards.

Started by Charlie Waterhouse, Suzanne Stallard, Clive Russell and Nika Dubrovsky The room is looking for the photographer and the actors to perform in the photoshoots. I keep thinking about a Tarot card project: a publication of Tarot Cards to coincide with the opening of the David Graeber Institute. This project turns out to be […]

Open-Source Posters

curated by Nika Dubrovsky, Clive Russell, John Phillips Here is the 1st part of a dialogue between Nika Dubrovsky, Clive Russel and John Philips. This room was created to experiment with the production and distribution of socially relevant posters in collaboration with various projects: the Museum of Unrest, Ocean Rebellion and, the main project of the Institute […]

Collective Graffiti

Imagine a large group of older women, armed with graffiti sprays, wearing masks and gloves, united to create street art. Together they will create their own version of the famous ’60s graffiti, “Don’t Panic – Organise!”Founded by the yes women group (by the late David Graeber and Nika Dubrovsky,) the graffiti references both the iconographic […]

Brain Trust

curated by Nika Dubrovsky Brain Trust: a network of local projects cooperating on specific political and technological solutions from play agriculture to 3D printing, from local energy production to independent education. David Graeber was involved in creating the Brian Trust in the last year of his life at the suggestion of the founding members of […]

Open-source food

curated by Nika Dubrovsky The “Open-source food” project emerged 15 years ago in New York City as an exploration of urban collective agriculture of the 21st century. There were a series of exhibitions about it. Open-source food: spirulina.Museum of Soil in St.Petersburg 2011 There are plans to create a working offline structure at the Museum […]