A presentation of the latest issues of the [Translit] journal.


curated by Nika Dubrovsky Just started a discussion on how to make a school workbook “What’s Job?”, with a catalog of Bullshits and Care Jobs, and free space for kids’ comments. This was then I got an email from a teacher up in Manchester Steve Russell who is already teaching it. The notebook will have […]

The Yes Women Group

curated by David Graeber and Nika Dubrovsky, and open for all. Please, join. Who are we? The Yes Women Group was founded by David Graeber – an anthropologist and an activist, an artist in his heart and the best man in the world together with his wife Nika Dubrovsky – an artist and a writer. […]


curated by Paola Pietronave In conversations with artists at Documenta 15 Kassel Germany, one of the world’s major exhibitions At Documenta 15, the world’s largest exhibition, held in the German city of Kassel, an art collective from Indonesia – ruangrupa is showing how cultural production might evolve in a new way.  They have invited 1,500 […]


curated by Muna Khogali Remember the beginning of the Internet? All those hopes for a new democratic world in which people, regardless of distance, nationality, or social status, could cooperate, not compete, make decisions together and hold power into account? The big hopes started with small steps, one of which was the famous Internet Cats […]

Farocki Graeber Residencies Program

curated by Antje Ehmann and Nika Dubrovsky This project began with a private lunch at Antje Ehmann’s home.Nika and Anti decided that David and Harun’s work, who did not know each other in life, would enrich and develop each other in an exchange of content, experiences, friends and followers. We have Assemblies, Discussions, Residencies, and […]


curated by Kelig Puyet and Vassily Pigounides ‘Existing history is not just deeply flawed and Eurocentric, it’s also unnecessarily tedious and boring’.PIRATE ENLIGHTENMENT, David Graeber At times when life on earth is in crisis, David Graeber’s findings open new possibilities. One way he’s been doing this, was by challenging how human history was being told, […]

The Gifts Room

curated by Phoebe Beckett Nika posted about David’s funny arrangements of things, I replied that I have on my desk 3 Polish fish-shaped ceramic dishes that were to be a gift for him. Nika suggested a new room, “presents for David”. Unlike other museums, MoC’s interest doesn’t really lie in the curation of objects, it wants […]

Education and (anti)Institutions

curated by Andris Brikmanis and Paola Pietronave How to make your own Assembly We are happy to announce the first curatorial collective of the Museum of Care for June and July 2021 with the topic: education and (anti)institutions. The Museum of Care was initiated in memory of David Graeber as a non-institutional space in which […]

Reading Groups

We read and discuss David Graeber’s texts and related material. Please do feel free to get in touch if you are interested in presenting a particular text. All voices are welcome.