Seminars of Care

A series of multidisciplinary encounters devoted to the themes of care and caring


In thousands of ways, we are taught to accept the world we live in as the only possible one, but thousands of other ways of organizing homes, cities, schools, societies, economies, cosmologies, have and could exist. The series of books Made Differently… is designed to play with possibility and to overcome the suspicion, instilled in…

Pedagogies of Care 

What do these true educational resources, from which we may learn collectively, have in common and how do they differ from the mainstream pedagogical approaches based on competition, separation and control?

Fetish and Value

In this room, we discuss David's ideas about value and fetishism as social creativity.

Debt: The First 5,000 Years

The room is dedicated to the discussion of the concept of debt as present in David Graeber’s “Debt: The First 5,000 Years,” as well as in other texts.

Late Soviet Temporalities

Why should we care about time? Are time at work and time off still the same time? How does time shape how we live, speak and perceive the world? How does it feel to have no future? And what about being stuck in the past? The room explores these questions by drawing on late socialist experiences.

Critique of Violence

Walter Benjamin’s “Critique of Violence” is a seminal text that in just a few steps dismantles the very idea that any form of legitimate violence can exist, or that means can be separated from ends so that a just end can make a wrong means just. 

There Never Was a West

The reading group of David Graeber’s text ‘There Never Was a West: Or, Democracy Emerges from the Spaces in Between.’