David Graeber and his Philosophers

curated by Vassily Pigounides and Simona Ferlini

We are organising, under the patronage of Museum of Care and the David Graeber Institute, a series of public lectures on the philosophical foundations of the work of David Graeber, whose death in September 2020 was an enormous shock and left a void in anthropology and far beyond the discipline. 

The starting point for our line-up is quite playful: a tweet posted by David Graeber in November 2019 in which he rated his favourite philosophers on a scale of 0-5. We are planning to have a public lecture for each of the philosophers ranked below. 

Whitehead 4
C.S. Peirce 3
Bhaskar 5
M.B. Kacem 4
Spinoza 5
Diogenes 3.2

The series begins with two lectures (on Spinoza and Bhaskar), and more will be added in the future. We hope that this new series will help to rediscover the works all these philosophers, some of whom remain unknown, and to see how their philosophies have influenced his own anthropology and political thinking.

The lectures will take place remotely via Zoom. Join our mailing list to keep up to date with latest activities.

Here’s the Tweeter thread: