Playground without Walls

Curated by echofline, Becca

These playground facilities will focus on flexibility, being easy to dismantle and install. The “Without Walls” theme will be reflected in them functioning like a set of super building blocks, unrestricted by space.


Seek reliable partners to collaboratively design the imagined playground with children and parents. The engineering design will utilize simple physics principles, with gravity and wind power as the main sources of energy. The equipment will incorporate activities related to the five senses—touch, hearing, sight, vestibular sense, and proprioception—to provide space for children’s imagination and cooperative play. Different levels of obstacle courses will be brought into the community, ensuring that adults can also find enjoyment.


Key Features of the Playground without Walls:

Exciting Equipment for All Children: Ensure that the most thrilling equipment is accessible and enjoyable for every child, regardless of their abilities.

Social Interaction and Collaboration: Provide spaces that encourage children’s imagination and cooperative play, fostering social interaction and teamwork.

Sensory Stimulation: Incorporate activities that engage all five senses—touch, hearing, sight, vestibular sense, and proprioception—into the equipment.

Varied Difficulty Levels: Offer equipment with different difficulty levels to ensure children of varying ages and abilities can find enjoyment and challenges suitable for them.

Flexibility: Focus on flexibility with easily assembled and disassembled equipment. The “unwalled” theme will be embodied through these components, which function like giant building blocks that can be quickly set up to create a playground in any location.


Site and Ride Description:


Site One:

In this type of project, we will conduct extensive research to understand what kids around the world currently enjoy playing with and what they’re into. We will collaborate with existing designs and select ones that already excite children. Then, we will work with the kids and their parents to modify and improve these designs together.


Here are some examples of the designs we are working on. We will update each facility with a detailed post later, including more pictures and descriptions:


  1. Hand-Powered Space Ring: Kids sit inside, fasten their seatbelts, and parents can manually rotate it.
  2. Spinning Rocking Horse: People can either stand or sit on it, like a large turntable, and everyone can rotate it together, similar to a simpler carousel.
  3. Ferris wheel on a see-saw: A small, human-powered Ferris wheel. It’s powered by a seesaw mechanism. The principle of the seesaw providing power is similar to the human-powered mine carts in the American West.(
  4. Track Bicycle: It’s another rotating facility, providing cooperative fun. Older kids can ride bikes on it while younger ones can sit on it.
  5. Around Swing: It’s a swing that can rotate 360 degrees, providing some challenging fun. Of course, we’ll ensure it has proper safety measures.
  6. Running Hamster Ball: Similar to a hamster ball, people can run inside it. We’re thinking of designing a mural on the outer shell, so when people run inside, there’s a continuous animation effect.
  7. Human-Powered Pirate Ship: A simple pirate ship powered by people.
  8. Inflatable Safety Trampoline: An inflatable single-person trampoline with safety ropes, which can be quickly set up and put away.
  9. Interactive Learning Panels: We will display the physics principles used in the playground design through interactive panels, allowing everyone to learn about them joyfully while playing.


Site Two:


In this type of playground, we aim to provide a fresher design filled with more possibilities—some crazy and quirky. We seek to uncover more imagination and poetry. Besides the proprioception and cooperation aspects of play, we strive to incorporate spaces for mindfulness, allowing children and adults participating in the playground to establish a deeper connection with the vital forces of life.


Here are some examples of the designs we are working on. We will update each facility with a detailed post later, including more pictures and descriptions:


  1. Atomic Climbing Rack(
  2. Mindset(
  3. Hilly
  4. Flowing Bounce Back
  5. Caterpillar
  6. Doughnut
  7. Resting area
  8. Fireworks
  9. Breath
  10. Star Trampoline
  11. Map