Atomic Climbing Rack|Playground without Walls

This article is a part of the room: Playground without Walls

Here’s the paper model of our device. We plan to add a mirror-like structure to the physical version.

Atoms are the most fundamental building blocks of everything, so minute and specific that we hardly ever think about them in our everyday lives, yet they are undeniably present. So we wondered, what if we could bring atoms into the macroscopic world, magnify them to a size we can see, and interact with them?

On the other hand, this installation allows children to crawl, climb, and navigate through it, offering multiple ways to play. When I was a child, my friends and I loved such structures; crawling, climbing, and exploring were our initial ways of interacting with any kind of architecture, even if it was just a metal gate or a wall.

Early Design Sketches:The finished shape resembles an atomic structure, with slightly larger pink blocks representing the atomic nucleus and slightly smaller pink blocks representing electrons orbiting around it. The rings of three different colors intersect with each other at tilted angles.