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Here’s the paper model of our device. Maybe we will add a mirror-like structure to the physical version.

Our thinking is a very magical thing. It exists in our minds, but it is both invisible and intangible. We often perceive it as free and expansive, but there are also boundaries and patterns to it. When we become aware of this, we start creating frameworks to describe our thoughts.

In some cases, the framework of our thoughts can be very smooth and rounded, while in other cases, it can be quite angular. These patterns may differ but can often transform into one another. So we wondered, if we had to represent this concept in a very tangible way, what might it look like?

When we were kids, climbing structures were quite limited, and we often chose things we weren’t supposed to climb, like giant iron gates, abandoned trains, unfinished buildings, and artificial rock formations.

As adults, we observe children playing and find that they are drawn to both curved, arch-like structures and sharp, angular ones for climbing. In this installation, we’ve combined these two elements to bring more fun and new discoveries to climbing. We hope to create a unique experience that reflects the dual nature of thought.

Early Design Sketches(By Becca)

3D Model By Melon and Leyi

The sketch of this playground facility was drawn by Becca. Its overall shape emerged from unconscious creation and was later redesigned based on children’s habits of using climbing structures.

Xiaogua carried out the engineering calculations and design, and together with Leyi, created the 3D model. This is a free climbing structure, leaving ample space for imagination and cooperation. Children can crawl, climb, run around it, or use soft ropes or fabric to create simple swings or make other modifications.

There is no fixed way to play with it; we look forward to seeing people’s imagination.