Plan for the Fight Club

  • Four fights a year:
    1) David versus Thomas Hobbes,
    2) Michael Hudson versus Thomas Piketty,
    3) Steve Keen versus Paul Krugman.
    4) We’ll pick the fighters for the fourth fight later
  • how do we choose the winners? We arrange registration for the fights by selling tickets. We plan to register an equal number of supporters of both players (it can be tricky!). We hope that some of the audience will change their minds towards the end of the fight because that’s exactly what should happen during a dialogue–the participants and the audience change their point of view. Otherwise, why talk at all, much less fight! “The winner, take it all”: the winner’s supporters will share the purchase price of the tickets paid by the loser’s supporters.
    Each fight will be published as a video and text. We will help organize translations into different languages and organize the reenactments of the fights in different languages.
    If Hobbes defeated Graeber in the US, how will their fight end up in India or Russia? Maybe Graeber will win?
    We are going to look for a sponsor: to help organize translations, promotion and publications.
    In addition to promoting our fights on open platforms on the internet, we would like to make regular projections of fight videos on the walls of buildings in big cities to show that our fights are not the inner intellectual debates of the experts. On the contrary, they are conversations that concern us all, which can change everyone’s lives right now.

All the characters involved in Fights are either historical heroes or public figures. We will invite each public figure to participate in the fights, but we reserve the right to invite a masked actor to play them if he refuses. We will try to use only quotes from their public speeches for our play.

We plan to consult, contact blockchain-based platforms that could provide a more sophisticated and nuanced voting process for our Fights.

After all, how we decide what kind of world we all live in is the most important one.