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Talk with Peter Sahlens about his book "Forest Rites: The War of the Demoiselles in Nineteenth-Century France."

31 October, 2024

Our first guest speaker on October 31, 2024 will be Peter Sahlens, the author of Forest Rites: The War of the Demoiselles in Nineteenth-Century France. We invite everyone to dress up for the occasion and to Zoom in from in-person parties. Since it will take place on October 31. Since the meeting will be held […]

"I Didn't Understand How Widespread Rape Was. Then the Penny Dropped": discussion with Dyan Neary

02 September, 2024 / 20:00

As part of The Ultimate Hidden Truth of the World is … reading group DGI organising a series of talks. On September 2nd, we will meet to discuss David Graeber’s essay I Didn’t Understand How Widespread Rape Was. Then the Penny Dropped. We will be joined by Dyan Neary, a writer, journalist, academic and documentary […]

Discussion Circles: Living the Carnivalesque Way

24 June, 2024 / 16:00

The Museum of Care right after Carnival4David in the wake of his untimely death. The Memorial Carnival4David, which is the founding project of the Museum of Care (and, in turn, the David Graeber Institute), was set up to celebrate David’s life. Since then, carnival has been a recurring topic of the DGI and the Museum of Care’s […]

Discussion Circles: Technology as a Social Relationship

21 June, 2024 / 16:00

The institute’s mission is to explore how technology can help create a system where essential resources—like food, education, energy, and medicine—can be produced and distributed freely. That is, the DGI in St. Vincent seeks to support the production of intellectually intensive, not labour-intensive technology. We are looking for technologies, traditional and cutting-edge, that are centred on […]

Discussion Circles: Who is David Graeber? Why are we in Saint Vincent?

20 June, 2024 / 16:00

The iniaugural discussion of the Discussion Circle series led and facilitated by the David Graeber Institute in St Vincent and the Grenadines. Nika Dubrovsky, Steve Keen, Vassily Pigounides and Steven Bachelor will give short talks on David Graeber’s life, work, and activism, including his research in Madagascar, and introducing David’s archive as a core resource […]

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Notes: 27.05.2021 Assembly

27 May, 2021

Dear all,  here is a video from our yesterday’s Assembly I am eternally grateful to the students of the Critical Studies Department, Andris Brinkmanis, Zasha Colah and Archive Milano, who will be curating the Museum of Care for the next two or three months.Our programmer, Oleg Kostishin, is sharing access with them so they can run […]

‘Communist Proteins’ with Alexei Yurchak

13 May, 2021 / 20:00

A special group this week, as we will be welcoming Alexei Yurchak, who will present his essay ‘Communist Proteins: Lenin’s Skin, Astrobiology, and the Origin of Life.’ Here is the link to text. Alexei Yurchak is a Professor of Anthropology at Berkeley. He is the author of Everything Was Forever, Until It Was No More: […]

Notes: 22.04.2021 Assembly

22 April, 2021

Museum of Care projects, a new proposal for how to curate Museum of Care. Some thoughts about it here. 00:19:05 Mark : John, I’m not seeing the pdf in chat. Tx00:19:19 Mark : *link00:20:16 Yash Lad: I downloaded it on my laptop and and shared again — @Mark can you see it?00:24:36 John Fass: file […]