Mastodon Assembly

04 May, 2023 20:00 (London time)

Unlike other Mastodon servers, my idea is to try to leave the rules as open as possible and have ongoing discussions about them. I see our Mastodon server as an online laboratory for creating and recreating social relationships.

We invite everyone to join us for this discussion. We hope it will lead to ongoing conversation, that would be develop and recorded in the CONFEDERATION: MASTODON room of

We look forward to developing the ideas discussed during the Tools of Care Assembly and Mastodon Assembly.

For that, I propose that we hold Assemblies where the rules can be discussed.

Here is the summary of First Mastodon Assembly that took place on 4 May.

Here are my preparatory notes and the initial ideas on how and why Mastodon and the Museum of Care are connected.

Here is my explanation of how art, social design and technology are connected and why such a project as Mastodon has everything to do with the Museum, specifically because this is a Museum of Care.


00:11:48       Christian Walter:      can people post the Mastodon client they use and state if this is for Android or iPhone
00:12:10       Robin Taylor:  website only
00:12:33       Heiko S:       web + tusky (on android)
00:12:37       nika dubrovsky:
00:18:24       Simona Ferlini: absolutely, thank you!
00:18:25       Heiko S:       i’ve had the experience that bbb (big blue button) scales better than jitsi
00:18:56       Anti. Alles:  and on android and browser version on computer
00:21:07       Joseph Turner: I’m curious to learn about bbb also!
00:21:41       Flora Green:   Mastodon is clunky as fuck but has potential. Safety is more of an issue for minorities. Twitter was good for speed, info, immediacy & important for marginal groups. Lots of non speakers on there. it is too easy for the more cozy :& privileged to mistake discomfort for toxicity & often they simply do not comprehend what they are seeing. That will get harder. Communities have been silenced & in some instances there is active disinterest in listening. Twitter has been trashed deliberately of course. Accessiblity & safety are the main issues, also that people will self select & never discover what they did not know about or what made them uncomfortable of which they were ignorant or oblivious.
00:22:18       Heiko S:       i understand that the bbb server software is finicky to run, but i’ve never set that up, myself. however, when the server is working well, the user experience has been excellent for me.
00:23:07       Heiko S:       paula: i think you need to turn the volume down
00:23:48       Heiko S:       the microphone is set too loud
00:25:36       Flora Green:   It is a total disaster for some.
00:26:09       Joseph Turner: I’d be happy to help set up bbb if people are interested. Maybe Heiko and I can work on that together?
00:26:13       Flora Green:   We saved lives by being able to post about it.
00:26:50       Heiko S:       joseph, do you have a mastodon identity? (i’m
00:27:35       Anti. Alles:   Reacted to “We saved lives by be…” with πŸ‘
00:27:38       nika dubrovsky:
00:29:22       Joseph Turner:
00:30:46       Steven Bachelor:
00:32:02       Heiko S:       i’ve joined twitter in 2009. that was early days.
00:32:27       Robin Taylor:  I joined Twitter in 2007
00:32:51       Tommy Mintz:   Hi Im Tommy I am an artist and like mastodon. Sorry im on the run and just listening in if that’s okay with everyone
00:33:07       Heiko S:       Reacted to “Hi Im Tommy I am a…” with πŸ‘‹
00:34:05       nika dubrovsky: Thank you for coming, Tommy! Nice to see you here.
00:34:31       Mark Fuller:
00:34:38       Mark Fuller:   Reacted to “I joined Twitter i…” with πŸ‘
00:34:55       Anti. Alles:   2007 is when i joined Twitter as well, but i stopped the day Musk took over. There is no way i donate my content and engagement to that fascist enabler and troll. Anyone who calls himself anti-fascist or anti-capitalist and is still on there should have a re-think.
00:35:13       Mark Fuller:   Replying to “i’ve joined twitter…”
same with me πŸ™‚
00:37:19       R. Sriracha Srirachakat Singh Mehta:  Hello,e eryone! It is nice to be included. Thank you very much.
00:37:34       Peter Kurze:   I am
00:37:54       Flora Green:   I’ve not had time or energy to engage much, have seen the odd video on youtube & this is my second zoom. What I’ve seen happen to others & what I’ve experienced has left me feeling very unwelcome. As far as I’m aware David Graeber didn’t touch on disability in his work. I wonder if he would ever have ‘got around’ to it. Politically it has a key relevance for everyone in the current circs particularly & the lack of awareness has shocked me. I don’t think I will stick around.
00:38:04       Steve:
00:38:51       Flora Green:   I did speak but not being verbal have been ignored.
00:39:03       R. Sriracha Srirachakat Singh Mehta:  One suggestion: Perhaps those who join the Museum of Care could be invited to alternate social media, as others in chat have generously demonstrated. Thank you very much.
00:39:12       Anti. Alles:   Reacted to “I’ve not had time or…” with ❀️
00:39:17       Heiko S:       Reacted to “I’ve not had time …” with ❀️
00:39:23       Abi Fletcher:  Hi – I joined very late, my apologies, I’m just here to listen. My first Zoom and I’m new to the Museum of care. Thank you.
00:40:00       Mark Fuller:   Reacted to “I’ve not had time …” with ❀️
00:40:06       R. Sriracha Srirachakat Singh Mehta:  @FloraGreen Please stay. Your presence is needed.
00:40:22       Heiko S:       flora: sorry to read that you felt/feel unwelcome
00:41:44       Heiko S:       Another technology that I’m excited about is – it is performing a similar function like Telegram/Whatsapp/Discord
00:42:05       Mark Fuller:   Reacted to “@FloraGreen Please…” with ❀️
00:42:09       Robin Taylor:  Reacted to “Another technology t…” with πŸ‘
00:42:15       Mark Fuller:   Reacted to “flora: sorry to re…” with ❀️
00:42:31       Anti. Alles:   Reacted to “Another technology t…” with πŸ‘
00:42:58       Robin Taylor:  The problem with matrix is persuading people to use it πŸ™‚
00:43:18       Heiko S:       My social life is 90% matrix’d
00:43:24       R. Sriracha Srirachakat Singh Mehta:  Reacted to “flora: sorry to re…” with ❀️
00:43:33       Robin Taylor:  Reacted to “My social life is 90…” with πŸ™‚
00:44:42       Anti. Alles:   Replying to “Another technology t…”
Yes, Matrix is great. It allows registration without phone number, which offers much greater pseudonimity. It is also a federated protocol, just like Mastodon.
00:45:19       Flora Green:   It feels like a cozy intellectual fluffing exercise for oblivious privileged people on the whole.
00:46:40       R. Sriracha Srirachakat Singh Mehta:  @RobinTaylor. If you attach your contact to emails, drop it onto your virtucontact cards, programme content around it will raise the profile. I am interested and will look into it afterwards. Cheers
00:46:55       Abi Fletcher:  Replying to “Another technology t…”
I can recommend element – for similar functions  I’ve been using for a little while
00:47:37       Anti. Alles:   @nika You should look on fediverse, mastodon is based on activity pub protocol and there are many applications other than mastodon, there is pixelfed, an instagram clone, there are social networks and all kinds of software. and thet can all interact with each other
00:48:29       nika dubrovsky: features
— 1) aggregation of other accounts on our server
00:48:41       Anti. Alles:   Replying to “@nika You should loo…”
00:48:57       Christian Walter:      I would be very careful about having something programmed, that will Limit it’s usefullness. Because you will need someone to constantly Keep it compatible with the rest of the changing tech landscape
00:49:25       Mark Fuller:   Reacted to “I would be very ca…” with πŸ‘
00:49:27       Christian Walter:      this is not trivial
00:49:27       R. Sriracha Srirachakat Singh Mehta:  @FloraGreen. You are here and I for one am interested in your viewpoint. David Graeber’s work is of liberation and equality even if he did not work too much in the disability space per se. Thank you.
00:49:32       Heiko S:       Reacted to “I would be very ca…” with πŸ‘
00:49:35       nika dubrovsky: If we program something and give it open source, someone else may support it
00:49:43       Michael Reinsborough:  It would be interesting if coders could build an app that allows you to easily repost a news channel from twitter to mastodon and name the channels like news-aggregator-Syria for example
00:49:44       Christian Walter:      or Maybe not
00:50:24       Robin Taylor:  Some mastodon instances block bots reposting twitter
00:50:25       nika dubrovsky: features
— 1) aggregation of other accounts on our server
If we use this feature for news, we need an interface to be able to edit the news flow
00:51:46       Joseph Turner: Subjective trust (subjective moderation):
00:52:41       nika dubrovsky: The problem with moderation it is the moderation of private accounts not the community
00:52:44       nika dubrovsky: accounts
00:53:01       Mark Fuller:   Reacted to “Subjective trust (…” with πŸ‘
00:53:02       nika dubrovsky: And I think they should not be moderated at all.
00:53:05       Anti. Alles:   Replying to “@nika You should loo…” even better as an overview of all the softwares running on activity pub and therefore interoperable with mastodon
00:54:31       R. Sriracha Srirachakat Singh Mehta:  Community moderation is a collective process. We are responsible for the protection of this collective. Thank you.
00:54:59       Anti. Alles:   8 Mio Users on Mastodon
00:55:01       Heiko S:       Replying to “Another technology…”
yes! element is a software to use the matrix network
00:56:12       Abi Fletcher:  Reacted to “yes! element is a so…” with ❀️
00:57:02       nika dubrovsky: We should use it to live our life right now.
00:57:12       Heiko S:       Reacted to “We should use it t…” with πŸ‘
00:59:28       Anti. Alles:   You said short
00:59:36       Anti. Alles:   Replying to “You said short”
01:00:44       R. Sriracha Srirachakat Singh Mehta:  Is there a way to connect everyone on this zoom with one another via a check-in? Or next time, everyone leave their mastodon etc contacts in chat. Cheers
01:01:18       Heiko S:       for a laugh:
01:01:32       Christian Walter:      maybe everybody who is interested should just Register on the david greaber Mastodon and post something to show themselves
01:02:37       R. Sriracha Srirachakat Singh Mehta:  @ChristianWalter Well-said.   Exactly the point. Cheers.
01:05:19       Heiko S:       some software is a huge commitment to develop. so i agree with christian’s sentiment of being cautious. however, there are tools that could be built or improved with a much smaller investment
01:05:50       Joseph Turner: Reacted to “some software is a…” with πŸ‘
01:06:08       Heiko S:       (i’m not advocating for or against development work)
01:07:42       R. Sriracha Srirachakat Singh Mehta:  As a passionate graeberist, I would be happy to volunteer.
01:08:02       R. Sriracha Srirachakat Singh Mehta:  Thank you very much for this discussion.
01:08:37       R. Sriracha Srirachakat Singh Mehta:  @Nika This is a good idea. Thank you very much.
01:09:04       Tommy Mintz:   Thank you!

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