The Great Debt Debate Q&A

This article is a part of the room: Fight club

The First Fight between Michael Hudson and Thomas Piketty about the
nature of Debt was held on the 10th anniversary of the edition of David
Graeber’s 5000 Years of Debt. 

Michael Hudson and Thomas Piketty were seeking answers to the burning questions of our time. The fight had so many rounds that we didn’t have time to answer a lot of questions from the public.

So in the spirit of a boxing match, we’re going to have our combatant Michael Hudson conduct a post-match debrief, where the public can ask questions and get answers.

Let’s discuss the tactics and strategies suggested in the Fight.  Let’s explore the way out of the mess we’re in together! 

Meet Steve Keen, Michael Hudson, Pavlina Tcherneva and Astra Taylor!