Dawn of everything, 5th chapter

13 November, 2021

13 -11-2021 a reading group #MuseumofCare Dawn of everything, 5th chapter

Thank you everyone who came!

I found several questions fascinating and worth exploring father. 

1) Zinaida Vasilieva notion about “slavery as a technology of care / social death through care”here is about it in the 5th chapter: Hierarchy and property may derive from
notions of the sacred, but the most brutal forms of exploitation have
their origins in the most intimate of social relations: as perversions of
nurture, love and caring.

If we look at it from a practical point of view, we can see how the media constantly scare women with maniacs, murderers and filthy movie producers who will rape and mutilate them, but the main danger to women comes from their immediate circle: lovers, husbands, friends and even brothers and fathers. Most of the beatings, humiliations, and rapes take place in precisely the immediate circle.

2)   By Simona Ferlini about Max Weber’s “Against Judaism” and the Origins of Capitalism.

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