Ocean Rebellion’s Statement for the APTART exhibition on Carnival and War

War on Fish 

Since 2021 Ocean Rebellion has been drawing attention to humanity’s war on fish. 

Since World War II fishing fleets have been using technologies developed for warfare to catch fish. This war on fish is crashing fish populations all over the world. It is causing the displacement of communities and starvation. 

Much of the fish caught is for consumption in the EU. It sees its way to our supermarket shelves in the form of tinned tuna, fish fingers and often pretends to be ‘sustainable’. This is simply untrue.

Fishing techniques like bottom trawling, FADs [Fish Aggregating Devices], purse seine nets and line trawling are totally destructive. All these industrial fishing techniques ‘accidentally’ kill other marine life we do not eat. Marine life like turtles, sharks, dolphins and even whales. This is the collateral damage of our War on Fish.

In the UK we have a saying: ‘There are plenty more fish in the sea’. This is now untrue. Some areas of the Ocean are so overfished there are dead zones where barely any marine life can exist. We must end our over consumption of fish now, otherwise there will be ‘No more fish in the sea’.

As the Sea dies We die. 

Carnival and War opens on October 20.