Notes on 22.02.2023 Assembly


1. The “What is Anthropology” Room

which I created but didn’t continue, has a new mentor. We’ve been discussing how we can help students find a great anthropology teacher and decided to make a people’s ranking of bad and good teachers.
Please join in!

2. Simona Ferlini plans to hold one of the panels in Naples on David’s new book, Pirate Enlightenment, or the New Libertalia. We talked about putting this discussion in September, giving us time to put together a panel in several languages and organize simultaneous translations.

3. Since the fall, Simona has offered to lead a reading group on Anarchism — in the manner speaking

4. Paola Pietronave planned to organize a screening of Rojava video commune films on the Museum of Caring platform to help Rojava with fundraising.

We need to figure out how to raise money for tickets through one of the event organizer platforms.
We found an account to transfer money to Rojava.

5. Next Housekeeping Committee:

We are planning a discussion about organizing a “Marxists vs David Graeber” Fight Club.
It will be moderated by Simona and Michael.
(time limit 15 minutes)

Discuss the development of the ROOM OF IDLENESS room.
New curators are going to join

call the new curator of the room WHAT IS ANTHROPOLOGY?


Regular events

  1. Reading Group on Debt: The First 5,000 Years By David Graeber
    Every first and third Thursday until April 20 at 20:00
  2. Reading Group on Roy Bhaskar’s ‘Enlightened Common Sense’ And ‘from Science To Emancipation’
    Every second Thursday at 20:00
  3. Housekeeping committee 
    Every last Wednesday (by invitation) 

Other upcoming events

23 February, 2023
Reading Group On Ayça Çubukçu’s David Graeber’s Anthropology Of Human Possibilities

23 March, 2023
Between Fascism And Communism: The Aestheticization Of Politics And The Politicization Of Art

30 March, 2023
Another Art World, Part 1: Art Communism And Artificial Scarcity

27 April, 2023
Ewald Vasilyevich Ilyenkov “Personality and collective”

25 May, 2023
Reading Group On Andrew Johnson’s ‘bureaucrats With Guns…’

14 June, 2023
Victor Misiano about Soviet and post-Soviet art bohemians

16 August, 2023
Batka Makhno’s anarchists take on collectivity

18 October, 2023
The collectivity emerged during Documenta 15

13 December, 2023
“Рынки и управления массовым сознанием”. Attention to the Spinoza supporters in 1920s Russia

14 February, 2024
“Nonviolent protest movements set up to organize mass movements

17 April, 2024
Dialog with the activists from Rojava, Northern Kurdistan