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Love and Care by Miles Glyn

The work is a part of an exhibition “50 Years of Protest Posters in England” curated by Clive Russell and John Phillips.

Love and Care by Miles Glyn

Miles Glyn about his works:

LOVE. This banner started as a patch design, since we collaborate on these things I don’t know who started it? It uses the heart-sprout design, I had been working on sprout designs for literally years, at the behest of Clare, Liam and the rest of the Art gang, it’s hard to make it not corny.
 It went together sweet, the skull is based on a very small one, made very big to keep it simple, and made fast. Then using ‘Fuxed Caps’, except with straight lines and corners, because we print these by hand and so they get their own ‘print imperfections’.

CARE. I made the CARE banner as a companion. The flat letters are based on the ‘Blenny’ font that we love. Humans need homes, it’s a basic human right, so I drew my dream cottage, humans are making bread and reading books. The R is based on plant forms. The where made in the lockdown times, slowly while dreaming of an anarcho-eco-utopia.