For the 1st year Memorial of David Graeber…

The talks will be moderated by James Schneider, a socialist organiser and strategist. He was Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party’s spokesperson and head of strategic communications. He co-founded Momentum and before that was an Africa-focused journalist. He is now the communications director for the Progressive International. David Graeber was his friend.

Jeremy Corbyn

Former Leader of UK Labour Party and Leader of the Opposition from 2015 to 2020.

Boris Groys

Boris Groys is an art critic, media theorist, and philosopher.  Last year Boris Groys, Nika Dubrovsky and David Graeber recorded a dialog about what is a Museum.

xun Antonio Mendez Rodriguez

a filmmaker from Chiapas

Astra Taylor

Astra Taylor is an activist, writer, documentary filmmaker, and musician. She is the co-founder of the Debt Collective, a union for debtors.

Molly Crabapple

Molly Crabapple is an artist and the author of DRAWING BLOOD and BROTHERS OF THE GUN (with Marwan Hisham) 

Anton Newcombe

Anton Alfred Newcombe is an American singer, songwriter, counter culture multi-instrumentalist, producer, and founder of the music group The Brian Jonestown Massacre.

Steve Keen

Author of Debunking Economics and a lifelong critic of mainstream economics, he admired David’s work on the origins of money and debt long before circumstance enabled Sydney-born Steve and New York-born David to become close friends in London. 

Ayreen and Rene

Ayreen and Rene are artists and two friends of David.

David Riff

David Riff is an artist and curator, currently senior curator at sterischer herbst festival.

Ekaterina Degot

Katerina Degot is a curator and writer born in Moscow, currently director and chief curator of Steirischer herbst festival in Graz, Austria.

Jacques Servin

Jacques Servin is an American media artist and activist. He is one of the members of The Yes Men, a culture jamming activist group.

Clive Russell

Clive is a designer based in London and one of the formative members of the Extinction Rebellion Arts Group. He is one half of This Ain’t Rock’n’Roll, a design practise dedicated to inspiring change.

Andris Brinkmanis

Andris Brinkmanis is an art critic and curator, born in Riga and based in Milan and Venice. He one of the founders of Critical Studies Department that were guest curators of the Museum of Care the project of DG foundation

Havin Güneşer

is an engineer, journalist, and a women’s rights activist. She is one of the spokespersons for the international initiative Freedom for Abdullah Öcalan/Peace in Kurdistan and a translator of Öcalan’s books.

Vlad Teichberg

Vlad Teichberg is a fellow Occupy Wall Street organizer

Debbie Bookchin

Debbie Bookchin, a writer, longtime journalist, and activist in support of the Rojava Revolution, is the editor of the book “The Next Revolution: Popular Assemblies and the Promise of Direct Democracy” by her late father Murray Bookchin, as well as several new forthcoming editions of his work.