The second assembly is scheduled to take place on Thursday 29 July at 19:00 CEST (6pm London time) on Zoom. It will be an informal meeting and an opportunity to establish a more dynamic debate with our guests with a focus on Education and (Anti)Institutions, and the aim to gather a multiplicity of voices and practices.  What relations can develop between educational […]

Michael Hudson versus Thomas Piketty

RSA, Museum of Care, the Institute of David Graeber for the 1st year of the anniversary of David’s death we hosted the first Fight Club debate. September 23, 2021 The renowned academic economists: Michael Hudson and Thomas Piketty will meet on the anniversary of David Graeber’s death and the 10th-anniversary publication of his book “Debt […]

Residence VS Museum

I have realized not long ago that, in fact, the Residence is the place where life is reproduced, and the Museum is the place where the remains of life are preserved (of course, only the remains that were recognized as worthy of preservation).The division into Museum and Residence is certainly harmful and artificial. However, managing […]

Museums of Care (01)

 (Initial Stage: Trial and Error)  First there was #Carnival4David. After the Carnival4David, Nika convened people to talk about the next steps. After the Carnival4David, Nika convened people to talk about the next steps: to try to put into practice one of the imaginary projects of David and hers, which they described in several essays and […]


EDUCATION AND (ANTI) INSTITUTIONS MAP. Open Call PLEASE TELL US ABOUT YOUR PROJECT OR SUGGEST INITIATIVES YOU RETAIN RELEVANT Critical Studies Department is grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the process of curating the Museum of Care for the next two or three months. We would really love it to be a transformative and […]

Plan for the Fight Club 2021-2022

Four fights a year:1) Michael Hudson versus Thomas Piketty, September 23 20212) David versus Thomas Hobbes , October 2021 (Nika Dubrovsky, Steven Bachler)3) Steve Keen versus Paul Krugman (work in progress), November 20214) We’ll pick the fighters for the fourth fight by 1-01-2022 All the characters involved in Fights are either historical heroes or public […]

Leo Tolstoy against Nikolai Fyodorov.

Lets talk about Death! Anya Bernstein told the story of the fight between Leo Tolstoy and Nikolai Fyodorov.Tolstoy went to Fyodorov’s library one day and, seeing a skull on the shelf, said wistfully: “There is something in you after all, Grim Reaper!” In response to the vile flirtation with death, Fyodorov stammered in indignation and […]

Michael Hudson and the fight for civilization

Western civ’s fatal flaw of NOT canceling the debts. My book Collapse of Antiquity is all about this. The characters will be Hammurabi (1750 BC), Basil I of Byzantine Empire (9th-10th century AD), The French King who killed the Templars, Socrates, Jesus .. and Paul Krugman.

Michael Bakunin against Karl Marx

The dispute between Bakunin and Karl Marx highlighted the differences between anarchism and Marxism. Michael Bakunin strongly rejected Marx’s concept of the “dictatorship of the proletariat” in which the new state would be unopposed and would, theoretically, represent the workers. We all know how “In its struggle against the united power of the propertied classes, […]

Michael Hudson and Steve Keen

Our “fight” is about the need for structural reform BEYOND the good Saint-Simonian policy of taxing inherited wealth and progressive taxation of income and wealth. We focus on the need for a debt writedown, and also distinguish between taxing earned income and unearned economic rent – the 19th-century classical aim of value, price and rent […]