Newsletter May 2023

DAVID GRAEBER INSTITUTE UPDATE The David Graeber Institute begins its work by arranging talks on David Graeber’s latest book, Pirate Enlightenment, and developing the Brain Trust project. Both projects will begin in September. If you wish to stay up-to-date on the developments from the David Graeber Institute, consider subscribing to its Riseup mailing list. In […]


DAVID GRAEBER INSTITUTE ON MASTODON  The David Greaber Institute‘s Mastodon server is up and running. I hope it will be useful to some. Unlike other Mastodon servers, my idea is to try to leave the rules as open as possible and have ongoing discussions about them. I see our Mastodon server as an online laboratory […]

NEWSLETTER January 2023

DAVID GRAEBER INSTITUTE LAUNCH We just opened The David Graeber Institute (DGI), which will provide a platform for projects related to David Graeber’s legacy, developing his ideas and projects that will take on a life of their own, continuing and contributing to his work. The Institute will have only two projects: the David Graeber Archive […]

Fight Club In the Art Encounters Biennial 2023

Fight Club installation by Nika Dubrovsky was invited to participate in the Art Encounters Biennial 2023 that will take place in Timisoara, Romania between 19 May – 16 July. The installation was created as a follow-up of the Fight Club theatrical performance and assembly first shown at HKW, Berlin 2022. Fight Club project is a […]


The exhibition “50 Years of Protest Posters in the UK“, timed with the opening of the David Graeber Institute, has ended. Organized by the Museum of Care and curated by Clive Russell and John Phillips, it included posters and banners from 1975 to the present day. Ideas for APTART exhibitionS Motherhood – freedom and care. […]

Conversation about…

(to be edited) Initially, this conversation arose from two points: the first was a Museum of Care reading group on Another Art world, which took place a few years ago. The second, a discussion of Walter Benjamin’s texts and the relationship of his texts to David Graeber’s texts. In the following, a wider conversation emerged […]

An Artist as a Programmer of an Open-Source Software

Today, the ideal artist is considered a genius who, alone or in a group, creates a social structure in which other people must live.However, it seems to me that in such a case it is not so much a question of being an artist as it is of developing political technologies that fall on the […]

Pirate Enlightenment Discussion at Brooklyn Public Library

Virginia Heffernan, Edward Ongweso, Jr., Gideon Lewis-Kraus, and Andrew Ross discuss David Graeber’s Pirate Enlightenment, or the Real Libertalia, the final posthumous work by the coauthor of the major New York Times bestseller The Dawn of Everything. Pirates have long lived in the realm of romance and fantasy, symbolizing risk, lawlessness, and radical visions of freedom. But at the root […]