Notes: 06.11.2020 Assembly

Development of infrastructure update: 

The earth is a museum of humanity, traveling through the universe.

—Nikolai Fyodorov

Definition of MoC is still in the process of discussion. 

We are working on this by defining the practicalities of specific projects, from residences to the construction of the website.

  • By amalgamating things, we will later create a whole new website developed from the initial temporary one. We are defining things and don’t have a definitive outcome planned. 
  • We are inviting people to work on our projects. We are thinking to make it “Task based not role based”. This is a suggestion.
  • Building a museum like lego — rooms can be built and entered from any site, any “door”. There is no home page.
  • Anyone can build an extension? – the conditions for joining need to be defined.  But it will be decentralised and horizontal. 
  • Articles as reference:
  • Inspired From the Russian ideas of Proletkult and Alexander Bogdanov
  • A small group is beginning to form to look at facilitation styles and decision making processes that might be suitable to share throughout the network, and to use for our general assemblies on Friday evenings. 

Press update:

  • We have an initial press release for the carnival. We are looking for translations.
  • Making a plan to get press later on museum 
  • Video editing needs organising. We are looking for the person to help us.

Residencies-group update:

The discussion is ongoing, this is an overview of some open questions:

  • Legal models/systems? Foundation? Federation of associations? (Federation is more decentralized.)
  • What do people do in a residency? Is there a limit on how long they can stay?
  • Relation between the different sites? Non-capitalist trade networks? timebank?
  • Relation between the participating spaces and the MoC as an umbrella? Do people write space directly, or MoC?
  • Should we try to give out degrees? Dennis is skeptical, others seem to like the idea.
  • How to remove something from the market and stop it from going back in—Dennis’s question! 
  • Should this be a federation or an institution? 
  • Now a lot of people joining, if someone comes to a place/space what are the rules and how does that fit with the law. How does that connect with trust—on both sides? 
  • A referral system – to become a host you have to be verified by two other hosts. No one enters as a total stranger, you have to be ‘friend of a friend’ or something? 
  • Should MoC teams commit to go to to different residences?
  • Opening: Oct 11, 2021. Will this be with the Visual Assembly?

We started discussing the key concepts that David used in his texts and which will be needed: production, reproduction, etc.

We expressed the needs for the more theoretical discussion about care and freedom. 

READING GROUP – update here: 

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