Notes: 13.11.2020 Assembly

Updates from infrastructure:

  • the aim is to interconnect / weave together many sites without one single entry point, and use the visual connection but build in a way that many domains and projects can all be connected. We have a community developing with certain values at the heart, like equality, freedom, etc – how to reflect this in the design of the tech infrastructure? 
  • An approach can be to have a basic theme which goes to a public domain and we can develop it in many directions, collect improvements as we go. This is common practice in the open-source world. It will be accessible to people everywhere and then in theory anyone can take part and create their own room in the museum.
  • We will be Creating a temporary website, and we have a font that acts as a holding device, from which we can unite the many varied strands of the project. 

Updates on Residencies:

  • A basic framework has been discussed, which has become a mission statement. 
  • People can work on their own rooms – open and free. 
  • Many artist residencies are including people cooking, caring, etc so the residencies will include this – care 🙂
  • How can people participate without going to the places themselves?
  • Next week we will begin to invite input from a variety of different folks including a 3d printer designer/theorist, as well as organise a presentation of Visual Assembly project, that originally was planned on 11 Nov 2020, but we will take place a year later in 11 Nov 2021 after David’s death. 

Decision making and facilitation:

  • A working group has formed to look at facilitation styles and decision making processes we could use. We hope to have an update in the coming weeks having assessed a variety of approaches.  

Legal/organisational structure questions:

  • Should we set up an association, would international insurance work for securing the network
  • Generally as you cross jurisdictions you will find that the categories change eg, company types etc 
  • What type of org do you want to be? 
  • We will be looking at what our guiding principles are. 
  • We are working on a mission statement, maybe people want to look / comment: