The Virtues of Diogenes, Part 3: The Quest for Graeber’s Golden Waistcoat

11 April, 2024 20:00 (London time)

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This session will be conducted entirely in attendees’ characters with Avi playing what is traditionally called the GM (Games Master – perhaps in this case it would be more appropriate to say Zeus). We will enjoy a fun but short 90-minute introduction to role playing in a world and experiment with the kinds of interpersonal relations our characters allow. Of course, the real aim is to have an adventure to retrieve the Golden Waistcoat whereupon wearing it the secret as to why Graeber rated Diogenes will inshallah will reveal itself.

A three-part series exploring the societal implications of interpersonal relations through the character of Diogenes and a merry band of legends. The question is, do you have the virtues to succeed at this quest? This will be part role play, part reading group where we will be introduced to a handful of real and mythological characters from the period of Diogenes as they meet on a distant island. Bring your imaginations and your best ancient accents to the land of Hercules and Alexander the Great. Will we change history or repeat mythology? Will we discover utopia or encounter beasts? Will it all be about men and horses, or will we decolonise these legends?

Image credit: Goddess Medea 

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