The Virtues of Diogenes, Part 2: Character Creation

21 March, 2024 20:00 (London time)

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In the second session, we will explore the world of Diogene’s philosophy by creatively comparing Diogenes Cynics with his contemporary Xenophon’s Cynegeticus. We will speculate on both these dog-associated philosophies and imagine what they might tell us about the worlds and the ecologies they imply. We will be supported in this by anthropologist Avi KBH, who has analysed the history of recreational hunting in Europe and has published an ethnographic answer to ‘why people hunt’. You can also listen to an audio version of Avi’s paper here: Part 1 and Part 2. In doing so Avi will unpack how Xenophon’s Cynegeticus and recreational hunting have fundamentally shaped notions of freedom, virtue, and salvation through ‘nature’ in comparison to Diogenes notions of virtue. This will be followed by a discussion where participants will explore how the dog-associated philosophy of Diogenes suggests alternative human-nature possibilities. During the session Avi will also draw on chapter 3 of his 1018 doctoral thesis that covers the transformation in human-nature relations before and after the Cynics and Stoics.

Image credit: Alexander Shabanov

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